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Out and about in Port St Lucie.

footprintsonly pleaseOne of the most popular attractions locally is fortunately free too. Time at the beach is great around PSL. The beaches are clean and due to the huge amount of beach there, not too crowded either. The seas are warm, and whilst there is often plenty of wave action, it is not normally that high it bothers anyone. Surfing, Kayaking Wind Surfing, kite surfing all happen down at the beach, for those feeling like a bit more of a rest, some shelling, just a walk on the beach or just sit and watch the world go by can be fantastic down at the beaches around Port St Lucie.

Stuart Beach

Stuart Beach

Jensen Beach Park is the closes beach and has a nice light touch of amenities to add to your day, without interfering with it. Concessions and Restrooms are to the north with beachchair and umbrella rentals avaialble if you would like them, 2 sets of Volleyball courts, more restrooms in the middle and pavillions are all there, plenty of parking is available and the lifeguard office ensure you have enough without it being invasive to a lovely day at the beach. View the webcam

Stuart Beach is to the South of Jensen Beach, has similar facilities but does tend to be a little busier we have found.

Enjoy a game of Golf? Information on the local Golf courses can be found here

Fancy something else? Check out St. Lucie County Tourism’s calendar of events here: Events Calendar – plenty of interesting and fun activities to choose from for everyone, big or small.

jensen beach

Sunrise at Jensen Beach



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